10 Phrases You Don’t Hear Enough on Social Media

Phrases you don’t hear enough on social media:

  1. Good point
  2. I could be wrong
  3. You could be right
  4. I respect your point of view
  5. I’d like to know more
  6. Let’s figure this out
  7. I don’t know
  8. Let’s think this through
  9. Let’s compromise
  10. How can I help you?

4 Replies to “10 Phrases You Don’t Hear Enough on Social Media”

  1. How refreshing it would be to see those types of interactions on social media!

    BTW, Amazon delivered “Peace Is Every Step” on my doorstep this weekend. I started reading it last night and can already tell it will be transformative. Thanks for recommending it, Brad!

  2. Brad, it seems as if you’d like social media platforms to encourage dialogue and open communication. Wow! What a concept!

    Seriously, I agree with you. I wish we could find the “respect button” and install is in peoples’ heads.

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