5 Arbitrary Links

Alfred Noyes

Five links you are sure to find entertaining, informative, both or neither.

1. Midnight Express, by Alfred Noyes. A short story that packs maximum terror into minimum words.

2. The Great Slow Kings, by Roger Zelazny.  Another compact story, this one science-fiction. It’s not only funny, it describes mankind to a “T.

3. The Phrase Finder. A guide to the meaning and history of over 1,800 English phrases and idioms. See the last (bonus) link for an example.

4. How America Went to War Against Itself, by George Stanciu.  An excellent summary of events that have led to the cultural split in America.

5. The scary truth about what’s hurting our kids. Scary but critical information for any parent or grandparent. Discovered by an EUC subscriber.

2 Replies to “5 Arbitrary Links”

    1. Scary is right, Bill. To the elites in government, media and business, the rank and file citizens are regarded as wallets or votes. It begs the question, what is the public interest?

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