Apple Music Classical App Is Now Available

News flash: The  Apple Music Classical app is now available. I was playing around with it last night and all in all, the app is off to a great start.


The database of music is HUGE. Sound quality is terrific, just as advertised. And, for Apple Music subscribers, Apple Music Classical is FREE.

As you might expect, AMC is well integrated with Apple Music, so you can easily add selections to your Library or Playlists, etc.

For the most part, browsing and searching are incredibly easy and lightning fast, with lots of options to help you drill down quickly to what you’re looking for.

Search results are somewhat clumsily laid out and strangely ordered, but no doubt Apple will steadily chip away at those imperfections.

A Few Deets

To give you a flavor of the app, here’s a search for “Telemann violin”.

You get a list of Telemann compositions featuring the violin, apparently sorted by popularity, however that is calculated.  Click on “See All Works” and  you get a list of all available recordings of that composition, TWV40:14:

After clicking on the top link, you get the details of that particular recording:

Moving on … Lots of browsing options, including this:

I opted for “Composers” and drilled down to:

I selected “Baroque” and was taken to a page featuring popular composers of that era …

…  Where I dug deeper and got to a list of well over 100 Baroque composers:

From which point you can dive in and explore the works of each composer.

If you like classical music, use Apple products, and appreciate high audio quality, you’ve got to give this a try. It’s what we’ve been waiting for!

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