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    1. Both are excellent. Maybe the band should play as Personified Vegetables east of the Mississippi and Anthropomorphic Vegetables west of the Mississippi.

  1. Love these, especially Fingertip Pushups 🙂

    Off the top of my head, I can contribute a few that you are more than welcome to use for your future garage band.

    Off the Top of Your Head
    Unidentified Frying Omelet
    Clear the Table, featuring the hit single (Can You Help Me) Clear the Table?
    Buy One, Get None Free
    This is Great, This is Great

  2. This is hilarious (and oh so creative), Brad!

    I have a few Lancaster County, PA-inspired additions

    The Corn Shocks
    Screaming Turbines
    Rivel Soup Riot
    Eternal Apple Dumpling

    I’m quite upset that Back Road Buggies (although not a band, is a name taken by another business), and there are already musicians that use “whoopie pie” and “shoofly” in their names!

  3. In addition to the names, I’m envisioning the logos… and the black T-shirts with the logo on them.

    And I’ve found a great method for finding new band names. Just use a Captcha that generates words to type in and , voila, you’ve got your next hot band.

    Rock on!

    1. Those are excellent ideas, Heidi. This could open up new possibilities for your biz – create the promo stuff and then form a band to use it. You’re thinking outside the Box Tops.

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