Print Ads from 1971

One last little trip to my basement archives, this time print ads from this 1971 edition of Life:

Note the cover photo of Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali was taken by Frank Sinatra.

MotorTrend magazine named the Chevy Vega the Car of the Year. I bet they’d like a do-over.

Speaking of Chevy, they had 45 models in 1972, including about seven station wagons. 

Early convenience food: Snackwiches, straight from your freezer to the toaster!

Some things never change … The Amazing Space Age Slenderizer: “GUARANTEED TO REDUCE YOUR WAIST, ABDOMEN, HIPS AND THIGHS A TOTAL OF FROM 6 TO 9 INCHES IN JUST 3 DAYS OR YOUR MONEY IS REFUNDED” I wonder what PETA has to say about that rug … or maybe the tiger just stayed in his TRIM-JEANS too long.

I’m going to see if I can still order one.

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