Random Reflections 10

There is one type of criticism that is constructive, when people criticize you to help you. There is another type of criticism, when people criticize you to help themselves.

The things we hate in other people sometimes turn out to be things we hate in ourselves but do not see. Whenever you are tempted to criticize someone, reflect on this idea.

Republican versus Democrat is political theater, designed to distract, divide, and enrage the audience. The real line of demarcation in politics is Nationalists versus Globalists. And the last thing anyone in power wants these days is a penetrating discussion of issues along these lines. Nationalists believe smaller is better – smaller government is better than bigger government, smaller business better than bigger business. Nationalists believe that political, economic, military, medical, and legal decisions should be made at the most local level feasible. Nationalists favor independence and believe the proper role of government is to serve the interests of the citizenry: a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Study subsidiarity and distributism for a better understanding. Globalists, in contrast, believe bigger is better, that political, economic, military, medical, and legal decisions should be made by a central authority. The global response to COVID is an example of globalism at work. Globalists reject the idea of government as steward, and instead believe the human population exists to serve global interests, as defined by global elites. Rotating Republicans and Democrats in and out of office doesn’t begin to address the tension between the positions of Nationalists and Globalists; instead, it perpetuates the seemingly inevitable drift toward globalism. Think about this carefully.

These positions are certainly more nuanced than what I just outlined, and I believe there are advantages and disadvantages to the nationalist and globalist positions. But what tips the scales for me is this: what is required to exert the control needed to achieve the aims of globalism would be either impossible to sustain, or so harsh it would crush every vestige of humanity we have in us.

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