Random Reflections 3

I’ve always wanted to be in cahoots with somebody.

I used to take the path of least resistance, but it was too exhausting.

If you could devote your life to the study of one subject, what would it be?

F. Nephi Grigg, inventor of Tater Tots. My kind of guy.

There are two types of people I will never be able to understand — those who drive in the left lane, and those who prefer french fries to Tater Tots.

Have you ever been hornswoggled? If so, it could have been by two people in cahoots.

Speaking of incomplete thoughts.

Not knowing when to quit is bad, but not knowing that you’ve quit is worse.

When I dance I look like someone falling down a flight of stairs.

Sometimes life is a bowlful of cherries. Other times it’s just the pits.

A lot of self-help gurus take Biblical ideas, strip God out of them, and then state them as if they’ve discovered something new. All they’ve really done is strip these ideas of their power, profundity, beauty, and universality.

By all means play golf badly. Just play it quickly.

Are you the type of person who can’t take no for an answer, or the type who can’t give no for an answer?

There are two types of people: optimists, pessimists, and those who can’t count.

Belief in nothing is still belief.

I study theology because I would rather stare through the glass darkly than see nothing at all.

(Image Credit — Wikimedia Commons)

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