Random Reflections 4

People think anybody can write, until they have to write something.

Do straws suck?

With so many things in the world that suck, it’s astounding we’ve chosen to focus on straws.

In the online world, we prioritize convenience over security, and sharing over safety. We make ourselves easy prey for con artists, thieves, predators and bureaucracies. “ Nevertheless, if we approach security and information sharing responsibly, we can safely reap extraordinary benefits from Internet technology. It’s all on us. Because:

If you’re counting on the good intentions of governments or corporations to save you, you need to read a history book — any one will do.

Corruption: It’s not just that the governments are big and bloated, it’s that the decision-makers are so far removed from the consequences of their actions.

Making money without scruples is hard. Making money with scruples is like trying to pass through the eye of a needle.

If I could print money, I wouldn’t worry about overspending either.

There is goodness in all of us. If only we would spend more time drawing it out!

There are times when it has taken me years to realize my prayers had been answered.

An expression I’ve never been able to understand is “have your cake and eat it, too.” Huh? The only value of a cake is in the eating of it. The only people who would jump for joy about having cake would be people who sell cakes.

On the other hand, there are expressions we use every day that are incredibly descriptive and fun if you stop and think about them. Example: “On the loose.” Think about what you’re saying there: “The loose” is a noun, and you’re on it.

(Image Credit — Horia Varlan)

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