Random Reflections 1

  • Emotionalism in politics is the easy way out. It’s a way of ignoring the downsides of one’s position.
  • Social media is the conduit through which mental sewage splatters onto the public square.
  • Grand gestures are usually empty gestures. The most powerful gestures often go barely noticed or altogether unnoticed.
  • How can one talk about success and failure unless he has clearly defined what those terms mean?
  • Tolstoy said that people think of changing everything except themselves. More and more I take this to mean that people think of changing everything to suit themselves.
  • Twenty years ago, political opinions were tentative and rare. Today they are adamant and everywhere.
  • The latest trend in automotive exterior design is aggressive lines and angles. A car coming at you looks like a shark on the attack. I wonder if this is a reflection of the aggressive, uncompromising mood of Americans. We are what we buy.
  • With each passing year, the movie โ€œIdiocracyโ€ becomes less parody and more prophecy.

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  1. While Idiocracy is one of my favorite funny movies of… all… time, it is sadly coming to fruition in many ways. ๐Ÿ™‚ and ๐Ÿ™

  2. And when a TV “expert” answers a question with “Well, I think …” it really means they don’t know (but want air-time anyway.)

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