Three Classical Music Selections – Set 4

George Frideric Handel (1685-1759) composed mountains of amazing music during his long career. While most widely known for the Hallelujah Chorus from his brilliant oratorio Messiah, Handel also composed numerous operas, oratorios, sacred music, orchestral works, and chamber music for all sorts of instruments — with nary a sour note to be found anywhere.  In addition to being one of the greatest Baroque composers who ever lived, Handel was a master organist, and, as musicians go, a  highly competent businessman and promoter as well.

These three selections are short numbers I can never get out of my head.

1. Ye fleeting shades, I come, from  Alceste, by Handel.


2. O Sing Unto God, from Chandos Anthem No. 11, by Handel.


3. Il vostro maggio, aria from the opera Rinaldo, by Handel.


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